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    It's a time when communication and connectivity are important ISC is the bridge that connects you to the world. ISC makes your commute safe and comfortable. ISC makes closer collaborations at the work place ISC is bringing you the next-generation immersive experiences Experience what ISC is doing for you.

Semiconductor IC

World Best ISC
Total Test Solution Provider

Innovation, Creation, Speed We make innovative products powered by ingenuity.

  • 2019 - 2021

    Maintain 1st place in global elastomer socket market share and increase the gap between latecomers

    Build up Semiconductor Total Test Solutions

  • 2022 - 2025

    Achieve 1st place in global socket market share

    700 mil $ in corporate value , 200 mil $ in sales

    Powerful gear to realize happy social values

  • 2026 ~

    The Corporate is Acting ethically and respecting our customers, business partners, and each other.

ISC Global No. 1

ISC is a global No.1 company aiming at rapid creation through innovation. It develops and produces test sockets needed to
test semiconductor IC chips used in semiconductors, IT, BT, automobiles and various electronic parts.
As an outgoing technological innovation company, We develop various products that are optimized according to the semiconductor
package type in a short time, and provide the best solution to customers who need products of small quantity production.

  • Innovation

  • Speed

  • Creation