• FCCL

    FCCL (Flexible Copper Clad Laminated) is FPCB (Flexible Printed Circuit) It is a material used for board, flexible circuit board) and forms the following value chain. FPCB is used in various digital electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet PC etc, and vehicles that require light, thin, compact, high density, flexibility, flexibility, and repeatability.

Value Chain

  • PI film

  • Copper foil

  • FCCL

  • FPCB

  • Component Module



  • Direct plating technology possible on films

    Direct plating technology possible on films with excellent
    dielectric properties such as fluorine-based
    PI, LCP, COP, and MPI films.

  • excellent signal transmission

    Compared to existing technologies, since the interface is smooth, loss of conductors can be reduced, making it possible to manufacture FCCLs with low dielectric constant and excellent signal transmission.

  • Thickness control is easy

    Cu plating is possible on thick films, and thickness control is easy.

  • Traditional Recipe

    Long signal line

  • Direct Plating

    Short signal line

FCCL RF Measurement Result

Type PI Laminating
(I Company)
PI direct plating MPI direct
Fluorine Laminating
MPI Direct Plating
-1db 6.7GHz 14.5GHz >30GHz >30GHz
-3db >30GHz >30GHz >30GHz >30GHz

Business Details

  • We plan to commercialize FCCL using direct plating method to develop and commercialize innovative FCCL for 5G high frequency use, medical equipment, optics, audio equipment, and actuators.
  • We want to provide customized products such as 5G antennas for mobile use.
FCCL Business Details
  • 5G High Frequency

    5G Antenna for Mobile,

    5G antenna for Mobile base station,

    IOT system,

    Anti-shock system for Vehicle semiconductors

  • Actuator

    Film Switch,

    Non-Contact Sensor,

    Pressure Sensor

  • Audio Equipment/Optics

    FPCB for LED,

    Diaphragm for small speakers

  • Medical Devices

    Contact lenses for medical devices,

    Biochemical Sensor

FCCL application field using a direct plating method

Mobile 5G Antenna

5G/6G Antennas
for Mobile base Stations

IOT System

Automotive FPCB

IOT Sensor

Medical Contact Lenses