ISC Global No.1 Semiconductor Test Solution

ISC welcomes that you are interested in joining ISC Team.
We constantly strive to reflect the world we care for with teams that achieve and grow together.

Talent Model
Talents with 4E 1P
  • Energizer

    Energizes the people around to
    turn the impossible possible

  • Edge

    Encounters the moment of decision
    for courageous decision with edge

  • Energy

    Resilient against hardships for the eventual change and success with Energy of Positivity

  • Execution

    Executes for the given tasks and objectives

  • Passion

    Works with the passionate work ehics form deep-inside

ISC runs its own talent recruitment system
  • Step.1 Document
  • Step.2 Primary Interview
  • Step.3 Interview Task
  • Step.4 Final interview
  • Step.5 Physical
  • Step.6 Acceptance
Employee Welfare System
  • Four Major Insurances
  • Vacation
  • Health Screening
  • Retirement Pension
  • Training & Education
  • Work Support
  • Workable Environment
  • Happy Life